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  • Security Information And Event Management: Business Benefits And Security, Governance And Assurance Perspectives

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by ISACA

    In today's information-driven business environment, enterprise systems and processes capture an ever-increasing amount of data. To derive meaningful and actionable information from this data, businesses are compelled to commit significant resources to perform the necessary analysis. While all business areas are impacted to varying degrees, few face a greater challenge ...

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  • Proposed Security Assessment & Authorization for U.S. Government Cloud Computing

    White Papers // Nov 2010 // provided by ISACA

    The ability to embrace cloud computing capabilities for federal departments and agencies brings advantages and opportunities for increased efficiencies, cost savings, and green computing technologies. However, cloud computing also brings new risks and challenges to securely use cloud computing capabilities as good stewards of government data. In order to address ...

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  • Virtualization: Benefits and Challenges

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by ISACA

    Virtualization is a high-tech buzzword in broad use today, but its increasing importance is based on more than just the passing fancy of the crowd. With its potential to reduce capital expenses and energy costs, virtualization presents an attractive solution for enterprises looking to save money and generate value from ...

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  • New Service Auditor Standard: A User Entity Perspective

    White Papers // Jul 2010 // provided by ISACA

    The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) and the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) have recently approved new standards for reporting on controls at a service organization with a truly global constituency in mind. Under the approach adopted by the IAASB ...

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  • Social Media: Business Benefits And Security, Governance And Assurance Perspectives

    White Papers // May 2010 // provided by ISACA

    Initiated as a consumer-oriented technology, social media is increasingly being leveraged as a powerful, low-cost tool for enterprises to drive business objectives such as enhanced customer interaction, greater brand recognition and more effective employee recruitment. While social media affords enterprises many potential benefits, information risk professionals are concerned about its ...

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  • Risk Landscape of Cloud Computing

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by ISACA

    Over time, as computing ease and functionality have grown, the IT industry has experienced from its users an ever-expanding desire for more information. With the web presence today, one can hardly imagine a day going by without accessing the web many times. Data are generated by the minute and are ...

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  • Applying COBIT With Limited Resources

    White Papers // Jul 2008 // provided by ISACA

    Many midsize and small businesses, IT departments, and organizations in general look at best practices and governance as procedures into which they will grow eventually. Common justifications for not improving include waiting until they have enough people, the department has a larger budget or the current projects are completed. Control ...

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