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  • The Way Forward: 2010 Share Forum Financial Planning, Budgeting, And Forecasting

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by KPMG

    Worldwide demand for products and services shrank dramatically, forcing companies to scramble and recalibrate their forecasts on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. Some companies, including those represented at the share forum, trimmed their most reliable forecasts to cover a six-month period rather than a full year, while others stopped ...

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  • From Hype to Future: KPMG's 2010 Cloud Computing Survey

    White Papers // Jun 2010 // provided by KPMG

    Over the past couple of years, cloud computing has been accompanied by a lot of buzz and many in the business community find it hard to judge whether this issue is anything more than hype surrounded by technical jargon. According to the survey, the view of a vast majority of ...

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  • Canadian GAAP For Private Business? The Choices To Be Made

    White Papers // May 2010 // provided by KPMG

    A number of differential reporting options were adopted by the AcSB to mitigate the impact of these standards on Canada's private enterprises. In 2002, the AcSB announced differential reporting options for private business, including: The ability to prepare financial statements on a non-consolidated basis and to account for inter-corporate investments ...

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  • Mobile Contactless Payment and Mobile Ticketing

    White Papers // Apr 2010 // provided by KPMG

    Today mobile phones have become a common and, in many cases, a useful and necessary everyday tool for many people around the world. In 2002 the number of people using mobile phones worldwide overtook the number of fixed telephone lines. The mobile phone usage in developing countries such as India ...

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  • Does Your Business Intelligence Tell You the Whole Story?

    White Papers // Apr 2010 // provided by KPMG

    With the future promising further upheaval, businesses realize that they need to adapt to succeed: recent KPMG research indicates that half of organizations worldwide expect to adopt new business models soon. Business intelligence should be an integral part of this evolution, placing information at the heart of all decisions. Huge ...

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  • Cloud Computing: Australian Lessons and Experiences

    White Papers // Dec 2009 // provided by KPMG

    Cloud computing promises to bring sweeping changes to the way organisations use information technology. It is currently a focus of attention in business, government and the IT industry. Despite this, decision-makers are still struggling for insights on what it really means in practice, the benefits achievable today, and the challenges ...

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