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  • Client - Quadlogic Controls

    Case Studies // Aug 2011 // provided by Lantronix

    Quadlogic Controls is North America's leading provider of Power Line Communications metering technology. Quadlogic's patented Power Line Communications technology utilizes a building's existing power lines to transmit metered data, their challenge is to develop a quick, convenient and reliable way to network-enable its metering equipment and bring the advantages of ...

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  • Client - WirelessWERX Mobile Resource Management

    Case Studies // Dec 2010 // provided by Lantronix

    Anaheim, California-based WirelessWERX has a long history of developing end-to-end solutions for the deployment of mobile resource management and tracking systems. Their challenge is to Help WirelessWERX complete its wireless node network to deliver exact indoor locations of mobile phone callers. WirelessWERX ultimately selected the Lantronix MatchPort b/g. Using a ...

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  • Client - XLHost

    Case Studies // May 2010 // provided by Lantronix

    XLHost has been at the forefront of making new technologies available to its customers and offering as many leading-edge, self-service options as possible. XLHost had been using a relatively high-priced multi-port device for its KVM-IP solution. XLHost began researching options for a single-port solution that would be less expensive and ...

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  • Client - Netdirekt Internet Hosting

    Case Studies // May 2010 // provided by Lantronix

    Frankfurt, Germany-based netdirekt has been a leader in providing full-featured hosting solutions to both small private firms as well as large public corporations. netdirekt wanted to offer its clients the ability to access their servers remotely through KVM over IP, also known as KVM-IP. They chose Lantronix to overcome this ...

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