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  • CellBazaar: Enabling mCommerce in Bangladesh

    White Papers // Apr 2010 // provided by LIRNEasia

    eCommerce has been seen as a way of reducing friction in the marketplace. However, it is heavily dependent on physical infrastructure and other support services: a privilege that is often not a reality among the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP). The rapid proliferation of mobile phones throughout developing markets along ...

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  • Mobile Number Portability in South Asia

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by LIRNEasia

    Mobile Number Portability (MNP), a feature present in most developed telecom markets around the world, is now making its way into the developing telecom markets of South Asia. Unlike the conditions that exist in the mature environments of the western world, however, market structures, pricing mechanisms and even customer phone ...

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  • Mobile Banking, Mobile Money and Telecommunication Regulations

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by LIRNEasia

    Providing mobile money through mobile phones is a value added service offered through telecommunication companies. Its issuance involves both telecommunication and bank regulations. But for complaints about this service, the first avenue for redress is often the telecommunication company, if not the telecommunication regulator. In previous cases in the Philippines, ...

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