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  • Managing Environmental Risk With Bankruptcy

    White Papers // Nov 2010 // provided by Marsh

    During the 12 month period ending September 30th 2008, the rate of businesses filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection increased by 49% over the prior year according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The current economic climate will put pressure on the balance sheets and cash-flow statements of ...

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  • An Introduction to Directors & Officers Liability

    White Papers // Feb 2004 // provided by Marsh

    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is designed to indemnify directors, senior executives and employees in respect of loss arising from claims made against them in the discharge of their duties on behalf of the company. Developments in statute introduced by parliament have not only broadened the scope of who may ...

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  • Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Limited Liability: Discussion of Liability Insurance Issues

    White Papers // Nov 2003 // provided by Marsh

    This paper discusses issues pertaining to insurance coverage for liability arising from joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies. Throughout the paper, the terms "joint venture," "partnership" and "limited liability company" are used independently, whereas the term "JV" is used to refer generally to all three combined, and the term ...

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