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  • The Multilocal Challenge: Managing Cross-Border Functions

    White Papers // Mar 2008 // provided by McKinsey & Company

    Companies are learning to adapt their organizational design to capture cross-border synergies and to protect local sources of profitability. Striking an appropriate balance between the protection of local value and the integration of selected cross-country processes and functions is challenging; the organizational response to create the right linkages must be ...

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  • Mitigating Channel Conflict

    White Papers // Jan 2006 // provided by McKinsey & Company

    Inspired by the rapid growth of Internet sales, many technology vendors are opening their own direct channels. The paper depicts that by doing so; however, they risk their existing partners, who see Web sales as a threat to revenues. While manufacturers shouldn't ignore their partners' complaints, neither should they be ...

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  • Stock Indexes: Does Membership Matter?

    White Papers // Oct 2005 // provided by McKinsey & Company

    Executives often base strategic decisions on whether or not they could get a company's stock included in a major equity index. While share prices do increase around the announcement and effective dates of a stock's inclusion, that effect quickly disappears. The higher prices resulting from a stock's inclusion in an ...

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  • Global Sourcing in the Auto Industry

    White Papers // Sep 2005 // provided by McKinsey & Company

    The article outlines that Carmakers in North America, Europe, and Japan - lured by savings that could cut their auto parts bills by 25 percent and reassured by quality improvements - are shedding their skepticism about parts made in unfamiliar locales such as China and India. Sourcing car parts, however, ...

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