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  • Securing Web Applications by Blindfolding the Server

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by MIT

    Web applications rely on servers to store and process confidential information. However, anyone who gains access to the server (e.g., an attacker, a curious administrator, or a government) can obtain all of the data stored there. This paper presents Mylar, a platform for building web applications that protects data confidentiality ...

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  • Obfuscating Branching Programs Using Black-Box Pseudo-Free Groups

    White Papers // Aug 2013 // provided by MIT

    The authors show that the class of polynomial-size branching programs can be obfuscated according to a virtual black-box notion akin to that of researcher, in an idealized black-box group model over pseudo-free groups. This class is known to lie between NC1 and P and includes most interesting cryptographic algorithms. The ...

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  • Towards Realizing the Performance and Availability Benefits of a Global Overlay Network

    White Papers // Jan 2013 // provided by MIT

    Prior analyses of the benefits of routing overlays are based on platforms consisting of nodes located primarily in North America, on the academic Internet, and at the edge of the network. This paper is the first global study of the benefits of overlays on the commercial Internet in terms of ...

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  • Network Protection with Guaranteed Recovery Times using Recovery Domains

    White Papers // Jul 2012 // provided by MIT

    The authors consider the problem of providing network protection that guarantees the maximum amount of time that flow can be interrupted after a failure. This is in contrast to schemes that offer no recovery time guarantees, such as IP rerouting, or the prevalent local recovery scheme of Fast ReRoute, which ...

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  • Mosh: An Interactive Remote Shell for Mobile Clients

    White Papers // May 2012 // provided by MIT

    Mosh (mobile shell) is a remote terminal application that supports intermittent connectivity, allows roaming, and speculatively and safely echoes user keystrokes for better interactive response over high-latency paths. Mosh is built on the State Synchronization Protocol (SSP), a new UDP-based protocol that securely synchronizes client and server state, even across ...

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  • Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Using Data Reconstruction Based Approach

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by MIT

    Data mining services require accurate input data for their results to be meaningful, but privacy concerns may influence users to provide spurious information. To preserve client privacy in the data mining process, a variety of techniques based on random perturbation of data records have been proposed recently. One known fact ...

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  • Network Protection with Multiple Availability Guarantees

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by MIT

    The authors develop a novel network protection scheme that provides guarantees on both the fraction of time a flow has full connectivity, as well as a quantifiable minimum grade of service during downtimes. In particular, a flow can be below the full demand for at most a maximum fraction of ...

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  • UFlood: High-Throughput Flooding Over Wireless Mesh Networks

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by MIT

    This paper proposes UFlood, a flooding protocol for wireless mesh networks. UFlood targets situations such as software updates where all nodes need to receive the same large file of data, and where limited radio range requires forwarding. UFlood's goals are high throughput and low airtime, defined respectively as rate of ...

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  • Network Coded Gossip With Correlated Data

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by MIT

    The authors design and analyze gossip algorithms for networks with correlated data. In these networks, either the data to be distributed, the data already available at the nodes, or both, are correlated. Although coding schemes for correlated data have been studied extensively, the focus has been on characterizing the rate ...

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  • Blocks + Computing = A New Kind of Interface

    Webcasts // Jun 2011 // provided by MIT

    The startup Sifteo, based in San Francisco, will bring to market handheld, computerized cubes that can sense each other and run a variety of interactive programs. Recently, Technology Review got a chance to review the blocks ahead of their launch. By adding computing power to blocks, the founders hope they ...

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