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  • Multilateral Approaches for Improving Global Security in Cyberspace

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by MITRE

    Effective cyber security requires that national governments, private companies, and non-governmental organizations work together to understand threats in cyberspace and to share information and capabilities for mitigating those threats. This is necessary because cyberspace is an interconnected environment that provides tremendous benefits to nations, organizations and individuals. Unfortunately, this environment ...

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  • Minimum-Cost First-Push-Then-Pull Gossip Algorithm

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by MITRE

    In this paper, the authors study the communication overhead of gossip-based information dissemination algorithms. Among basic variants of gossip algorithm push is most efficient in the early rounds while, in contrast, pull becomes more efficient in the later rounds. Therefore, a cost-efficient gossip algorithm needs to combine the advantages of ...

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  • Information Security in the Clouds

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by MITRE

    From the perspective of information security, cloud computing elicits one of two responses: Security issues make cloud computing very risky and Security issues are more perceptual than prohibitive. Paradoxically, both positions have merit. Along with the benefits, this new model of computing resource delivery presents Federal IT leaders and security ...

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  • Enabling Rich Discovery of Web Services by Projecting Weak Semantics From Structural Specifications

    White Papers // Apr 2011 // provided by MITRE

    Although the authors would prefer using defined ontologies that express the domains and specifications of web services, and thus more easily discover and compose these, they know that in the mainstream world represented by the US Department of Defense they will not have those ontologies available soon. In the meantime ...

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  • Building Secure, Resilient Architectures for Cyber Mission Assurance

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by MITRE

    Today's Information Technology (IT) environments are increasingly subject to escalating cyber attacks. Cyber threats vary widely in sophistication, intent, and the consequences to the targeted systems and networks. The range of attackers extends from users who unintentionally damage systems to hackers, to cyber criminals, to full-scale cyber spies and cyber ...

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  • Toward an Ontology Architecture for Cyber-Security Standards

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by MITRE

    The rapid growth in magnitude and complexity of Cyber-Security Information and Event Management (CSIEM) has ignited a trend toward security automation and information exchange standards. Making Security Measurable (MSM) references a collection of open community standards for the common enumeration, expression and reporting of cyber-security-related information. While MSM-related standards are ...

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  • A Decision Process for Applying Cloud Computing in Federal Environments

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by MITRE

    Commercial industry's use of cloud computing, leveraging economies of scale, commoditizing processing power and storage, and incrementally leasing only the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure that is needed at a given moment, is presenting a compelling business model to Federal leadership, worthy of further investigation. In considering the application of cloud ...

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  • An Adaptive Technique for Data Compression and Robustness at the Tactical Edge

    White Papers // Jul 2010 // provided by MITRE

    An adaptive technique for reliable and fast transmission of streaming data at the tactical edge is presented. This technique combines data compression and data robustness to optimize for BW, reliability and speed of transmission in an adaptive matter. Speed of transmission and reducing BW needed for transmission is achieved by ...

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