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  • Apache Tomcat Not Good Enough? Try Tcat.

    Downloads // Oct 2010 // provided by MuleSoft

    Tcat Server is the Apache Tomcat app server for the enterprise. Apply the right configurations and reliably restart your servers with two clicks. Do fast, easy, and error-free application deployment and get deep visibility into performance and availability of your webapps. Best of all, it's 100% Apache Tomcat, so if ...

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  • Migrating Applications From Oracle WebLogic to Apache Tomcat

    White Papers // Oct 2009 // provided by MuleSoft

    In this white paper, the authors explore the reasons for migrating from WebLogic to Tomcat, considerations for making the decision, and techniques to be followed for a successful migration. Note that when the authors talk about Java EE applications, they are including applications, application components, and SOA service instances, each ...

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