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  • How to Reclaim Your SAN With Cloud Storage

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by Nasuni

    IT managers today face enormous challenges because of massive file growth. Files are clogging up SANs and making backup difficult. The new cloud storage trend promises scalability, reliability, and offsite storage, but many organizations don't know if cloud storage can solve their problems - or how, exactly, they can take ...

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  • Simply a better NAS - Virtual Cloud File Server

    Downloads // Oct 2010 // provided by Nasuni

    Nasuni's elegant cloud file server turns cloud storage from providers like Amazon, AT&T, Iron Mountain, Rackspace, Nirvanix or Windows Azure into an advanced NAS. The Nasuni Filer is the easiest, most secure way to store and protect your company's files. With Active Directory, DFS and CIFS share integration; the Filer ...

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  • An advanced file server backed by top cloud storage providers

    Downloads // Jan 2010 // provided by Nasuni

    Store files in this simple and elegant file server that connects to the cloud. Store your company's files with cloud storage providers Amazon, Iron Mountain, Rackspace or Nirvanix using Nasuni's virtual file server. Free up storage space while creating offsite copies. The Nasuni Filer is the simplest, most secure way ...

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