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  • Securing Your Network When Employees Telecommute

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by Network Box

    As the authors prepare to write this, they are thinking of the many times they get up in the morning and start working at their home computer. It is possibly the most convenient invention since the washing machine, enabling one to connect to their workplace from basically anywhere and to ...

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  • Adding SPF to Your Anti-Spam Solution

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by Network Box

    The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an open standard that introduces a grammar for domains to describe the email they send. These descriptions are published in the Domain Name System (DNS), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) receivers may use these descriptions to authenticate email and to better apply local ...

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  • Forgotten Security Part II: Routing, the Hole in the Wall

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by Network Box

    Many companies have routing where the path that data takes to arrive at a workstation differs from the path that the data takes back to the originator. If one of these paths goes through a connection tracking firewall while the other path does not, the packets will be blocked. This ...

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