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  • Oracle Database on Amazon EC2

    White Papers // May 2009 // provided by Oracle

    Oracle customers can now run Oracle software on Amazon EC2 using existing or new licenses. For database customers, Oracle provides pre-packaged Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) containing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 and Oracle Database 11g which are supported by Oracle and Amazon Premium Support. For creating new databases, Oracle provides scripts ...

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  • Oracle Unified Method (OUM): Oracle's Full Lifecycle Method for Deploying Oracle-Based Business Solutions

    White Papers // Apr 2009 // provided by Oracle

    The Oracle Unified Method (OUM) is Oracle's standards-based method that enables the entire Enterprise Information Technology (IT) lifecycle. OUM provides an implementation approach that is rapid, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. OUM includes a comprehensive project and program management framework and materials to support Oracle's growing focus on enterprise-level IT strategy, ...

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  • Building the Business Case for BPM

    White Papers // Mar 2009 // provided by Oracle

    Improving business processes has been the number one priority for CIOs and IT executives for the past few years. Studies indicate that corporate managers have higher expectations from their CIOs to be more of a business leader by helping to improve business processes. Improving business processes isn't something new in ...

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  • Revolutionizing Access Management with Shared Authorization Services

    White Papers // Nov 2008 // provided by Oracle

    Service-Oriented Security (SOS) aligns with the overall Application-Centric approach of the entire Oracle Fusion Middleware platform - with the goal of providing a comprehensive, standards-based, developer-friendly platform. By leveraging and sharing many of the common Identity Services, SOS allows developers to spend the effort on where it counts the most ...

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  • Management Excellence How Tomorrow's Leaders Will Get Ahead

    White Papers // Sep 2008 // provided by Oracle

    As operational excellence becomes the norm rather than the exception in business, companies need a new source of competitive differentiation. Increasingly, market leaders are creating strategic advantage through their ability to manage the performance network, rather than just transactional processes. This new imperative is called Management Excellence. To achieve it, ...

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  • SOA: Driving Business and IT Alignment

    White Papers // May 2008 // provided by Oracle

    SOA is not the acronym of the current computing era the way dotcom was in 2000 or client/server was in the 1990s. However, SOA means much more to a business than any of the previous and popular computing acronyms. SOA means fostering effective communication between business and IT. SOA means ...

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  • An Object-Oriented, Standards-Based Platform for Flexible Enterprise Planning Applications

    White Papers // Sep 2006 // provided by Oracle

    Oracle's Demantra applications for demand management, sales and operations planning, and trade promotion management are functionally rich, demand-driven solutions that embody best-practice business processes out of the box. For organizations needing to extend these applications to accommodate company-specific business processes, they can take advantage of the Demantra Business Process Platform ...

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  • Oracle Extended Identity Management Ecosystem

    White Papers // Jun 2006 // provided by Oracle

    The advent of directory services almost 15 years ago gave rise to the broad spectrum of technologies that the authors today collectively refer to as "Identity Management". Over that period, this multi-faceted market has gone through waves of stratification, as innovative new solutions have been conceptualized and progressed through the ...

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  • Is the Perfect Shopping Experience Attainable?

    White Papers // Apr 2006 // provided by Oracle

    A consumer supply chain executive once noted that if his company had attained the entire inventory reductions promised from process and technology over the past decades, by now they'd have negative inventory, according to Supply Chain Digest. Instead, their inventory is higher than ever. Until recently, retailers have had very ...

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  • Oracle JDeveloper 10g

    Downloads // Jan 2004 // provided by Oracle

    The Oracle Application Development Framework helps developers productively develop J2EE applications using visual and declarative tools while allowing them to choose any technology they wish. JDeveloper offers several views on your work - an application based view, file system views or code organized views. The application view allows you to ...

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