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  • Effective TDD for Complex Embedded Systems

    White Papers // Jul 2012 // provided by Pathfinder Development

    Software Development methods allow teams to share techniques that have been found to deliver good results. However, a method that brings success for one team or works with a specific class of problems may not function as well in a different context until it has been adapted to meet the ...

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  • Effective MDD Architecture for High Performance Systems

    White Papers // May 2012 // provided by Pathfinder Development

    The successful birth, care, and feeding of the software architecture of a high performance system is essential to attaining and maintaining good health in the overall system. This stage of development can be a murky, perilous process without clear steps, highly dependent on talented and charismatic leaders - hardly an ...

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  • Fundamentals of System Modeling

    White Papers // Jan 2012 // provided by Pathfinder Development

    Systems Engineering has always drawn heavily on detailed sets of drawings to convey high level systems concepts, system architecture and organization, and even detailed graphical depictions of key algorithms and other behavior. With the advent of the SysML language supporting a uniform and standards-based set of semantics for systems modeling ...

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  • PI-MDD Executive Summary

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by Pathfinder Development

    Platform-Independent Model Drive Development (PI-MDD) is an integrated agile, test-driven and model-driven approach to architecting, developing, testing and deploying complex, high-performance systems software. Two decades of constant refinement by hundreds of development teams and dozens of technology and expertise vendors spanning a range of challenging industries have optimized this method ...

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