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  • High Performance TCP/IP Networking

    White Papers // Apr 2010 // provided by Pearson Education

    The world is undergoing a revolution in information and communication technology. Not only the lives of citizens but also the networking technology is profoundly affected by this revolution. Traditional wired networks are being replaced or complemented by networks based on wireless, optical, satellite, and other media. TCP/IP has emerged as ...

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  • The Takeover Process

    Presentations // Jan 2003 // provided by Pearson Education

    This presentation talks about the takeover process in M&As which refer to traditional mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, corporate restructuring, corporate control, and changes in the ownership structure of firms. It discusses the forces affecting mergers, terminology, types of mergers, mergers in a legal framework, tender offers and risk arbitrage in ...

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  • Performance Appraisal And Reward Systems

    Presentations // Jan 2003 // provided by Pearson Education

    Performance Appraisal (PA) helps in measuring and evaluating performance of the employees in an organization. PA serves a two-fold objective. On one hand, it helps in identifying skill gaps present in the employees. On the other hand, it recognizes meritorious employees on the basis of their work and helps to ...

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