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  • Bayesian Filtering: The Essentials

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by ppedv

    Before email can be filtered using this method, the administrator needs to generate a database with words, tokens, phrases, IP addresses, domains and so on collected from a sample of spam mail and valid mail (usually referred to as 'Ham'). This has to be set up in the very beginning ...

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  • Enterprise Fax Servers Solutions Integrations: Sharepoint Case

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by ppedv

    As more and more businesses are adopting Microsoft SharePoint as standard to access shared workspaces, information stores, and documents, there is greater demand to include fax management capabilities within SharePoint. With Visendo Fax Server for SharePoint, organizations can now intelligently route incoming faxes to document libraries, as well as send ...

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  • Fax Servers vs. Fax Services

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by ppedv

    If it is a buyer who is interested in a fax system for the small or medium-sized business or large enterprise, they have a choice to make: use a fax server or a fax service. First they need to understand what they are using the fax server/service for. One needs ...

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  • Closing the POP3 Protocol Gap With a POP3 Gateway for SMBs

    White Papers // Jul 2010 // provided by ppedv

    A POP3 connector allows various companies solve an actual problem of downloading mail from external POP3 servers and delivering it to Microsoft Exchange Server or any other SMTP server. Normally, Microsoft Exchange Server cannot download mail from external POP3 servers and, hence, a POP3 Connector adds such this functionality to ...

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