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  • Project Management Public Relations

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by Project Perfect

    There is a strong element of selling in Project Management. Project management is usually about change and change almost always strikes resistance. The Project Manager has to sell the change, and prepare those who will be impacted to accept the change. A good Project Manager will always be asking "How ...

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  • Selling Portfolio Management: A Case Study

    White Papers // Feb 2011 // provided by Project Perfect

    Portfolio Management should be a 'No brainer' to sell to an organisation. Unfortunately it is not that easy. This paper will take you through a case study of how Portfolio Management was presented within one organisation. Portfolio Management was initially raised as an answer to a problem the organisation faced. ...

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  • The Level Of Discipline In A Project

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by Project Perfect

    A constant complaint from those involved in projects is that there is too much bureaucracy. A process has been set up and it must be followed regardless of the size or complexity of the project. One size fits all. This paper covers some of the things to consider when deciding ...

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  • Hypocrisy In Project Management

    White Papers // Nov 2010 // provided by Project Perfect

    Business is full of hypocrisy. It is not to say business is not making sensible decisions. It depends on what motivates those decisions. Most often it is the shareholders perspective. Maybe if we put on more telephone staff we will encourage phone contact and end up costing us more money. ...

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  • Design For Hybrid Agile Adoption

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by Project Perfect

    Traditional software lifecycle models, such as waterfall, have declined in popularity in recent years due to the increasing demands on projects to accommodate changing business requirements, to control ever-larger and more complex requirements, and to reliably deliver the expected business results. The rapidly changing business climate is placing new and ...

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