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  • Sales Acceleration: Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With Quosal eBook

    White Papers // Jul 2014 // provided by Quosal

    Slow sales process? It’s time to speed it up! Accelerate your sales with quote and proposal automation from Quosal. With key features designed to revolutionize your sales process, Quosal can free your sales team from administrative burdens, and help them become sales superstars.

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  • Top 10 Reasons You Need Quote and Proposal Automation eBook

    White Papers // Jul 2014 // provided by Quosal

    Do your sales quotes and proposals take too long to create, get stuck in internal approval or contain inaccuracies? Do your sales people wait impatiently for customers to sign and fax back proposals? Is it difficult for managers to know the real-time status of every quote? This ebook dives into ...

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  • Data Projections Case Study

    White Papers // Jul 2014 // provided by Quosal

    Data Projections needed a quoting solution that would allow them to prepare, deliver, and track quality quotes and proposals that could integrate with their CRM. Quosal enables Data Projections to produce winning sales proposals in less time, and improves their internal sales reporting

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