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  • A Do-It-All-Cipher for RFID: Design Requirements (Extended Abstract)

    White Papers // Jun 2012 // provided by Revere Security

    Recent years have seen significant progress in the development of lightweight symmetric crypto-primitives. The main concern of the designers of these primitives has been to minimize the number of Gate Equivalents (GEs) of the hardware implementation. However, there are numerous additional requirements that are present in real-life RFID systems. The ...

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  • Practical Attack on 8 Rounds of the Lightweight Block Cipher KLEIN

    White Papers // Nov 2011 // provided by Revere Security

    The authors presented practical, experimentally verified attacks on the lightweight cipher KLEIN-64 reduced to up to 8 rounds, out of 12 in total. Their attack is made possible by a high-probability differential described as a large collection of differential characteristics. Their results suggest that combining a 4-bit Sbox (as used ...

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  • The Hummingbird-2 Lightweight Authenticated Encryption Algorithm

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by Revere Security

    Hummingbird-2 is an encryption algorithm with a 128-bit secret key and a 64-bit initialization vector. Hummingbird-2 optionally produces an authentication tag for each message processed. Like its predecessor Hummingbird-1, Hummingbird-2 has been targeted for low-end microcontrollers and for hardware implementation in light-weight devices such as RFID tags and wireless sensors. ...

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  • Cryptanalysis of Hummingbird-1

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by Revere Security

    The advent of small-form wireless control and communication devices, sensors and authentication tags is affecting commercial, military and domestic security engineering in ways which were almost unimaginable only 10 - 20 years ago. An important selection criterion when choosing cryptographic security components for such extremely constrained devices is obviously cost, ...

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