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  • An Exploratory Framework for Extrusion Detection

    White Papers // Aug 2012 // provided by Rhodes Software

    Modern network architecture allows multiple connectivity options, increasing the number of possible attack vectors. With the number of internet enabled devices constantly increasing, along with employees using these devices to access internal corporate networks, the attack surface has become too large to monitor from a single end-point. Traditional security measures ...

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  • Functional Programming and Security

    White Papers // Jan 2012 // provided by Rhodes Software

    This paper analyses the security contribution of typical functional-language features by examining them in the light of accepted information security principles. Imperative and functional codes are compared to illustrate various cases. In conclusion, there may be an excellent case for the use of functional languages on the grounds of better ...

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  • A Framework for DNS Based Detection and Mitigation of Malware Infections on a Network

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by Rhodes Software

    Modern botnet trends have lead to the use of IP and domain fast-fluxing to avoid detection and increase resilience. These techniques bypass traditional detection systems such as blacklists and intrusion detection systems. DNS is one of the most prevalent protocols on modern networks and is essential for the correct operation ...

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