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  • Smart Cards - Utility, Applications and Vulnerabilities

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by Romanian Economic Journal

    For some industries the internet has already become an important distribution channel with very high growth rates (e.g. travel, books, tickets, software). Traditional retailer segments along with the media and other industries have been experiencing increasing competitive challenges stemming from the new electronic distribution channels. Internet is the most important ...

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  • Determinants Of Financial Stability

    White Papers // Apr 2010 // provided by Romanian Economic Journal

    The subject raises a huge interest in international circles, be it research groups, financial institutions or public decision makers due to market globalization and integration which trigger the risks that are spread from one market to the other through intensive financial flows. The definition of financial stability is controversial. Therefore ...

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  • SEO Techniques for Business Websites

    White Papers // Nov 2007 // provided by Romanian Economic Journal

    In the world of website marketing, search engines are an essential key to success. They are the most important way to bring traffic to websites. Understanding how search engines work and what they require is an important first step to harnessing their marketing power. There are proven methods to search ...

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