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  • Choosing the Right Saas Product Development Partner

    White Papers // Mar 2010 // provided by Sonata Software

    With a majority of ISVs adopting an offshore model for their product development needs, immediate impediments can be addressed by choosing a right-sized offshoring partner. However, choosing a right-sized partner involves its own set of challenges. But some best practices are available that can help ISVs choose the right offshore ...

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  • Internationalization of Java / J2EE Applications

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by Sonata Software

    This White Paper discusses what is meant by internationalization of an application and the approach followed by Sonata for internationalization of Java / J2EE applications. Furthermore, it also explains what is meant by globalization of an application and the factors underlying it. Internationalization of an application refers to the process ...

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  • Outsourcing of SAP Production Support

    White Papers // Jan 2010 // provided by Sonata Software

    Outsourcing of SAP production support operations helps organizations focus more on their core business processes. For an organization to reap the maximum benefits of outsourcing its SAP production support operations, it is very important to carefully carve out a support strategy right from the implementation phase. Outsourcing of SAP operations ...

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