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  • File Multi-analyses for Real-time Attack Source and Spread Site Trace

    White Papers // May 2013 // provided by soonam

    Recently, the illegal users with malicious intention utilize the file sharing site by making normal user's computer a zombie computer, which is a preliminary process for network intrusion attack. The propose scheme is divided into the method for real-time analysis for real-time tracking and the method of cooperative analysis method ...

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  • A Brief Survey on Rootkit Techniques in Malicious Codes

    White Papers // Jan 2013 // provided by soonam

    Nowadays, malicious codes are significantly increasing, leading to serious damages to information systems. It is worth to note that these codes generally depend on the rootkit techniques to make it more difficult for them to be analyzed and detected. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to research the rootkits to ...

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  • Extraction of Platform-Unique Information as an Identifier

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by soonam

    The Ethernet MAC address is known it is not changed and so highly considered as one of the platform-unique information. Because of the reason, the MAC address has been used as a platform identifier for several public services. This paper surveys, implements and analyzes the extraction methods for the MAC ...

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  • Malware Obfuscation Techniques: A Brief Survey

    White Papers // Oct 2010 // provided by soonam

    The obfuscation is a technique that makes programs harder to understand. For such a purpose, it converts a program to a new different version while making them functionally equal to each other. As the obfuscation is widely used by malware writers to evade antivirus scanners, so it becomes important to ...

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