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  • Enterprise Mobility Management Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Apr 2015 // provided by Sophos

    This EMM buyers guide will walk you through the process of selecting the right mobile solution to fit your company’s BYOD objectives. It explains how an effective EMM system can support an organisation's workforce mobility strategy, ensure compliance, protect corporate data and provide centralised management of devices and apps while ...

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  • Who’s Snooping on Your Email?

    White Papers // Apr 2015 // provided by Sophos

    This whitepaper helps you navigate today’s threats to email security. It explains the obstacles to compliance and shows you why you need a secure email gateway that offers more than just encryption.

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  • Firewall Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Mar 2015 // provided by Sophos

    Five key areas to consider when choosing your next firewall Checklist of the security capabilities you need Questions to ask vendors to make sure they meet your requirements Comparisons of Sophos, Fortinet, Dell SonicWALL and WatchGuard

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  • Which Mobile Device Is the Most Secure?

    White Papers // Sep 2013 // provided by Sophos

    Gone is the day of the corporate-issued BlackBerry device. With its finely ingrained policies, BlackBerry was once the go-to mobile device for security-savvy enterprises. Research from IDC shows that iPhone and Android now hold over 80% of market share, with Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry completing for the third spot. ...

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  • Your Company Data, Their Personal Device — What Could Go Wrong?

    White Papers // Sep 2013 // provided by Sophos

    Employee use of smartphones and tablets to access corporate information and services is exploding. And that means IT organizations need to get beyond widely-held myths about improving their mobile security profile. Warning: Failure to do so is not an option.

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  • Not Just for PCs Anymore: The Rise of Mobile Malware

    White Papers // Sep 2013 // provided by Sophos

    Mobile malware is not new. Today, however, mobile malware is far more widespread, and far more dangerous—especially since smartphones and tablets are now widely used for critical business tasks. Get a close look at the fast-moving threat of mobile malware: how and why it’s arisen, what forms it takes, where ...

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  • How to Secure Your Wireless Network

    White Papers // Jun 2013 // provided by Sophos

    It isn’t hard to set up security for the wireless router in your basement: change the SSID, pick a strong password and perhaps install VPN software for remote access. But securing wireless networks in a business environment is much more demanding. Learn best practices that can help administrators go beyond ...

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  • Network protection and UTM Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Jun 2013 // provided by Sophos

    Using a UTM solution for your network protection used to be a compromise—while you gained in resource savings and ease of use, there was a payoff in terms of protection capabilities. This buyers guide looks at the factors you should consider when evaluating solutions to ensure you have the protection ...

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  • Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Jun 2013 // provided by Sophos

    Mobile device management (MDM) solutions allow IT organizations to centrally manage, monitor and support mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. By using an MDM solution to control and protect the data and configuration settings on users’ mobile devices, you can reduce support costs and security risks. In this guide, you'll ...

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  • Cookie-Gate, Laptop Security Advice, Stratfor Malicious Emails and Facebook Hacker Advice

    Podcasts // Feb 2012 // provided by Sophos

    In this podcast, the speakers started out discussing a topic that the speaker have been quite passionate about, the "Cookie-gate" incident involving Google and other advertising companies placing cookies on people's computers who surf the web using Safari by exploiting a security flaw in Safari's privacy settings.

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