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  • Mobile 4G: The Revolution Is Here Now

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by Sprint

    Business is increasingly becoming a mobile activity, and, as a result, the wireless networks and services used to support that development are growing in importance. In both the Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer (B2B and B2C) environments, the availability of more reliable, higher-capacity wireless data networks is one of the keys to ...

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  • 4G Transforms 4CI: The Next Revolution in Situational Awareness

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by Sprint

    Fourth-Generation (4G) communication networks and devices will transform situational awareness. Responders will have a common operating picture like never before. With 4G, everyone will be on the same page immediately because 4G is vastly superior to 3G in three key areas: upload and download speeds, bandwidth and latency. That means ...

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