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  • Sharing A Measure Of Success

    Webcasts // Feb 2010 // provided by Stanford University

    In this webcast, the presenters describe the entrepreneurial process as a series of pivots. One of the presenters explains it's not just a jump, but an evolving growth of stages that leads to an idea that can start a business. From there, the other presenter says that focused execution keeps ...

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  • Career Traits For The Aspiring Venture Capitalist

    Webcasts // Oct 2009 // provided by Stanford University

    In addition to seeking staff diversity and team members with a vast list of personal contacts, Draper Fisher Jurvetson's partner Steve Jurvetson discusses at length the background necessary to break into a VC firm from the ground up. While most positions fill from personal contacts, many come from business schools ...

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  • An Argument In Favor Of Venture Capital

    Webcasts // Apr 2009 // provided by Stanford University

    How does a young company decide to go out for venture capital rather than bootstrap themselves? For Steve Perricone, Co-founder of BioFuelBox, it all comes down to speed to market. And, he says, in Silicon Valley, speed is a key motivator to seeking outside funding. He also points out the ...

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  • Robust Energy-Efficient Adder Topologies

    White Papers // Mar 2007 // provided by Stanford University

    In this paper, the authors explore the relationship between adder topology and energy efficiency. They compare the energy-delay tradeoff curves of selected 32-bit adder topologies, to determine how architectural features and design techniques affect energy efficiency. Optimizing different adders for the supply and threshold voltages, and transistor sizing, they show ...

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  • Work With Smart People

    Webcasts // May 2006 // provided by Stanford University

    Challenge yourself against better players and you'll become star of the team. Google's Vice President of Search Products & User Experience, Marissa Mayer, reflects upon her personal experience working with some of the finest talent in hi-tech - and points out that working with the best empowers each player to ...

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  • Market Potential: GameBoy

    Webcasts // Nov 2003 // provided by Stanford University

    Erin Turner, a producer at Electronic Arts specializing in action-hero titles, explains that the GameBoy has a pretty substantial market with 40 million sold worldwide. The mission with the GameBoy is to create some unique draw or additional fun factor, since it does not have nearly the graphical capabilities as ...

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  • Seasonality and Competition in Time: An Empirical Analysis of Release Date Decisions in the U.S. Motion Picture Industry

    White Papers // Aug 2002 // provided by Stanford University

    Strong seasonality in demand, a short product life cycle, and the absence of any price competition make the release date of first-run movies one of the main strategic decisions taken by movies? distributors. The absence of good observable measures of product quality creates a difficulty in separately identifying the two ...

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