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  • StratusLab Cloud Distribution

    White Papers // Mar 2012 // provided by Trinity College

    Cloud technologies provide many benefits for scientific and engineering applications, such as customised execution environments, near-instantaneous provisioning, elasticity, and the ability to run user-level services. However, a rapid, wholesale shift to using public, commercial cloud services is unlikely because of capital investments in existing resources and data management issues. To ...

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  • Mining the Web for the Voice of the Herd to Track Stock Market Bubbles

    White Papers // Apr 2011 // provided by Trinity College

    The authors show that power-law analyses of financial commentaries from newspaper web-sites can be used to identify stock market bubbles, supplementing traditional volatility analyses. Using a four-year corpus of 17,713 online, finance-related papers (10M+ words) from the Financial Times, the New York Times, and the BBC, they show that week-to-week ...

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  • Modelling Event Systems for AmI Applications Using an Aspect Middleware Platform

    White Papers // Sep 2006 // provided by Trinity College

    The development of a communication service is one of the most difficult and important challenges when developing Ambient Intelligence (AmI) applications. Since AmI applications must be able to react to external events, event-based communication is a natural way to disseminate such events amongst all interested AmI components. A wide range ...

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