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  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Model-Based Power Characterization

    White Papers // Apr 2011 // provided by UC San Diego

    Accurate power characterization is important in computing platforms for several reasons ranging from power-aware adaptation to power provisioning. Power characterization is typically obtained through either direct measurements enabled by physical instrumentation or modeling based on hardware performance counters. The authors show, however, that linear-regression based modeling techniques commonly used in ...

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  • TritonSort: A Balanced Large-Scale Sorting System

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by UC San Diego

    The authors present TritonSort, a highly efficient, scalable sorting system. It is designed to process large datasets, and has been evaluated against as much as 100 TB of input data spread across 832 disks in 52 nodes at a rate of 0.916 TB/min. When evaluated against the annual Indy GraySort ...

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  • Efficiently Measuring Bandwidth at All Time Scales

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by UC San Diego

    The need to identify correlated traffic bursts at various, and especially fine-grain, time scales has become pressing in modern data centers. The combination of Gigabit link speeds and small switch buffers have led to "Microbursts", which cause packet drops and large increases in latency. The paper describes the design and ...

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  • Understanding the Role of Buildings in a Smart Microgrid

    White Papers // Dec 2010 // provided by UC San Diego

    A 'Smart microgrid' refers to a distribution network for electrical energy, starting from electricity generation to its transmission and storage with the ability to respond to dynamic changes in energy supply through co-generation and demand adjustments. At the scale of a small town, a microgrid is connected to the wide-area ...

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