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  • White Papers // Sep 2011

    A Real-Time FPGA-Based Mobile WiMAX Transceiver Supporting Multi-Antenna Configurations

    This paper presents the design, implementation and experimental validation of a real-time FPGA-based mobile WiMAX baseband transceiver. Three different antenna configuration schemes were implemented and tested, namely the Single Input Single Output (SISO), the Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) and the Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). A reproducible design methodology...

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  • White Papers // Apr 2013

    Big Data or Right Data?

    Big data now-a-days is a fashionable topic, independently of what people mean when they use this term. The challenges include how to capture, transfer, store, clean, analyze, filter, search, share, and visualize such data. But being big is just a matter of volume, although there is no clear agreement in...

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