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  • Extended Abstract: Circuit CAD Tools as a Security Threat

    White Papers // May 2008 // provided by University of Michigan

    The demand for trusted and tamper-resistant computing platforms has placed security at the leading edge of research and industrial practice. Reported hardware-security breaches have already led to loss of confidential information, identity theft, intercepted cellular communications and IP burglary. The authors' paper demonstrates that ICs can be easily compromised by ...

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  • Random Stimulus Generation using Entropy and XOR Constraints

    White Papers // Dec 2007 // provided by University of Michigan

    Despite the growing research effort in formal verification, constraint-based random simulation remains an integral part of design validation, especially for large design components where formal techniques do not scale. However, stimulating important aspects of a design to uncover bugs often requires the construction of complex constraints to guide stimulus generation. ...

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  • Specialty Drug Whitepaper

    White Papers // Aug 2007 // provided by University of Michigan

    Specialty drugs are generally considered high-cost injectable, infused, oral or inhaled drugs that require close supervision and monitoring. To facilitate comparison of the University's experience with specialty drugs with that of the major national pharmacy benefit management companies, this report focuses on specialty drug products from eight therapeutic areas including, ...

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  • Checking Equivalence of Quantum Circuits and States

    White Papers // Jul 2007 // provided by University of Michigan

    Among the post-CMOS technologies currently under investigation, Quantum Computing (QC) holds a special place. QC offers not only extremely small size and low power, but also exponential speed-ups for important simulation and optimization problems. It also poses new CAD problems that are similar to, but more challenging, than the related ...

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  • Synthesis of Quantum Logic Circuits

    White Papers // Apr 2006 // provided by University of Michigan

    The pressure of fundamental limits on classical computation and the promise of exponential speedups from quantum effects have recently brought quantum circuits to the attention of the electronic design automation community. The authors discuss efficient quantum logic circuits which perform two tasks: implementing generic quantum computations and initializing quantum registers. ...

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