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  • Poster: Secure Provenance for Cloud Storage

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by University of Oregon

    Organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud for data processing and storage. Storing data in the cloud is advantageous for numerous reasons: the elasticity of cloud environments ensures that only storage used is paid for, while tasks such as backup, replication, and geographic diversification of data are effectively outsourced to ...

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  • Strategic Sourcing, Markups And Labor Demand Elasticities

    White Papers // May 2011 // provided by University of Oregon

    The authors examine how multinational firms strategically source production to mitigate the consequences of wage bargaining with workers. When production in one country requires negotiating with workers over wages, firms allocate production of goods with high markups toward countries with relatively competitive labor markets. This strategy allows multinationals to raise ...

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  • The Scalability of Swarming Peer-to-Peer Content Delivery

    White Papers // Jan 2011 // provided by University of Oregon

    Most web sites are unable to serve content to a large number of users due to the inherent limitations of client-server le transfer. Recent peer-to-peer content delivery protocols have demonstrated the feasibility of spreading this load among the clients themselves, giving small web sites the possibility of serving large audiences ...

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  • Realizing a Source Authentic Internet

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by University of Oregon

    An innate deficiency of the Internet is its susceptibility to IP spoofing. Whereas a router uses a forwarding table to determine where it should send a packet, previous research has found that a router can similarly employ an incoming table to verify where a packet should come from, thereby detecting ...

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  • Will the NFL's Bubble Burst ?

    White Papers // Jun 2004 // provided by University of Oregon

    This paper discusses the financial health of National Football League. The league has certainly earned its current position on the top of the American sports heap. TV revenue has been the engine driving the league's ascension to the most popular and most-watched sport in America. Another equally important result of ...

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