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  • Moving Your Data to the Cloud

    Webcasts // Mar 2012 // provided by Vimeo

    As the popularity and profitability of moving into the Cloud increases, so does the need for understanding emerging Cloud technologies. In this webcast, the people will learn information to remove some of the fear and trepidation surrounding the idea of moving data to the cloud. Not only the people gain ...

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  • Workplace Mobility - A Unique Technology for Access Provisioning

    Webcasts // May 2010 // provided by Vimeo

    With the access to the application, is it possible to control a function better? Does one like to learn more about this issue, and access more about the provision for the mobile workflow? Then, this is the right choice, and this webinar helps the attendee discuss the process to examine ...

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  • Secured eUSB - How to Protect Your Organization From Portable Devices

    Webcasts // Mar 2010 // provided by Vimeo

    With the advancement in technology there are many ways through which one can protect their laptops, computers and other devices but there is no solution for the protection of the portable devices. Portable devices are usually designed for the ease it offers while using like transportation. There is no such ...

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  • Secure Document Collaboration for Microsoft SharePoint

    Webcasts // Mar 2010 // provided by Vimeo

    This webinar series helps the attendee gather information regarding data loss prevention technology. It also offers the attendee information on the first to market secure document management, and the collaboration with the industrial giants Microsoft technology. The other topics that are covered in this webinar include management of secure groups, ...

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