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  • The Seven Stages of Advanced Threats

    White Papers // Oct 2014 // provided by Websense

    Today's advanced threats occur in "kill chains" of up to seven stages. These attacks easily evade traditional filtering and anti-virus defences to steal your organisation’s valuable data. Advanced threats can be stopped at any stage — if you deploy the proper cybersecurity solutions. We've prepared a report to ...

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  • 5 Essentials for Protecting Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTS)

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Websense

    Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have become a major concern for IT security professionals worldwide, and for good reason. Recent attacks have targeted a multitude of diverse companies. This paper clarifies the nature of APT risks and provides recommendations on how organizations can better protect themselves. Read more...

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  • Protecting IP Data from Loss and Theft

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Websense

    This white paper describes the shortest path to reaching the prevention stage of data loss and data theft incidents without bringing data flows to a grinding halt. The paper presents an expanded view of IP and outlines six steps an organization can take to deploy data security controls. Read more ...

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  • Using Anomalies in Crash Reports to Detect Unknown Threats

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Websense

    One of the biggest challenges organizations face when protecting their intellectual property and other sensitive data is detecting, inspecting, and stopping attacks that are capable of bypassing their cyber defenses. This white paper examines the “risk indicators” that can be observed in the anomalous activity taking place across a network. ...

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  • Advanced persistent threats: From fear to facts

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by Websense

    Advanced persistent threats (APT) aren't just for huge companies that are attacked and hacked - they affect all organisations. Too much marketing hype and fear, uncertainty and doubt have clouded the facts about a very real danger to organisations of all sizes. This overview will: -Explain ...

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  • Three must-haves to securing the social web

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by Websense

    Businesses can embrace the social web and still keep safe from the enterprise-sized risks that come with it. From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Flickr, these sites are valuable business tools for the modern enterprise. Take care with these top tips to protect your business while gaining social opportunity and ...

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