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  • MedAmerica Billing Services: Xangati's Root Cause Analysis Keeps Operations Running Smoothly

    Case Studies // Feb 2016 // provided by Xangati

    MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. (MBSI) provides high quality coding, billing, auditing, accounts receivable management and reporting services to hospitals and healthcare providers from their headquarters in Modesto, California. The challenges they faced were that shortly after they converted from ICD-9 diagnosis codes to ICD-10 codes that performance for the VDI ...

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  • Xangati for ESX (ESX 4.x)

    Downloads // May 2010 // provided by Xangati

    Xangati for ESX is a virtual appliance that provides VM-to-Anything visibility for VMware environments. Xangati delivers visibility into any VM's communications activity (VM-to-VM, VM-to-app, VM-to-storage, VM-to-VDI client, etc.). It installs in less than 30 minutes and immediately offers to-the-second visibility into what is happening within your ESX: how its VMs ...

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