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  • 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey

    White Papers // Sep 2010 // provided by Zenoss

    Cloud computing and virtualization are two of the major IT trends of this decade. The Zenoss 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing survey was designed to collect information on the use of virtualization and the cloud computing technologies among enterprise users. The goals of the survey were to ask questions with ...

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  • Cisco UCS And Zenoss: Business To Blade Service Level Monitoring

    White Papers // Aug 2010 // provided by Zenoss

    The Cisco UCS Hardware Inventory report in Zenoss shows all of the Cisco UCS components installed for a selected Cisco UCS device. You can see each component's name, model, serial number, and description in the report. As with any Zenoss report, you can export the report from Zenoss and add ...

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