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  • How to Set Up and Verify Automated MySQL Backups in 15 Minutes

    White Papers // Dec 2008 // provided by Zmanda

    The value of data stored in MySQL grows exponentially. For companies who are using MySQL in production, loss of data can be catastrophic, resulting in lost revenues, lost customers, and a damaged organization. Managing MySQL backup and restore processes typically consumes much of a DBA's time and attention. In about ...

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  • Setting-Up an Open-Source Backup Software Amanda Community in About 15 Minutes

    White Papers // Oct 2008 // provided by Zmanda

    Amanda is the most popular open source backup and recovery software in the world because of its openness, robustness, functionality and scalability. Yet it is very easy to set up and maintain in production. This paper illustrates how, in about 15 minutes, one can install and configure the Amanda backup ...

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  • Advantages of Amanda Over Proprietary Backup Software

    White Papers // Aug 2008 // provided by Zmanda

    This white paper discusses how Amanda compares to proprietary backup software. It will help people understand some key Amanda advantages, and will help them evaluate Amanda for protecting their data. Today there are a number of choices when choosing a backup and recovery solution. Perhaps people are already using one ...

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  • Amanda Enterprise: vTape Planning Guide

    White Papers // Jun 2008 // provided by Zmanda

    This paper helps people install and set-up backup to disk utilizing vTapes in Amanda Enterprise. It outlines considerations that need addressing and provides a methodology for determining optimal vTape values. It also addresses some of the questions that arise when deploying vTape backups. When backing-up to disk, Amanda uses a ...

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