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  • Security Explorer trial download

    Downloads // Sep 2012 // provided by Dell Software

    Secure Your Windows Environment for Free Right now, someone with elevated permissions is logging into your Windows network and accessing secure resources. Should he have access at all? Quest® Security Explorer centrally manages access controls and security on Windows and SQL Servers, SharePoint, Exchange and workstations across your business. ...

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  • Making the law accessible: 10 questions with LegalZoom's Tracy Terrill

    Downloads // Apr 2011 // provided by Jeff Cerny

    Tracy Terrill fills a complex and challenging role as CIO of LegalZoom, overseeing projects, systems, infrastructure, and new product development, as well as participating in defining and implementing company strategies. This download is also available as an entry in our 10 Things blog.

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  • Track your business expenses

    Downloads // Sep 2002 // provided by TechRepublic

    When it comes time to figure out what you can claim as a deduction on your tax return, it helps to have your records organized. Use this simple Excel spreadsheet to determine what you can claim on Schedule C of your U.S. tax return.

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