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  • Accelerate Microsoft Exchange with NetScaler

    White Papers // Mar 2017 // provided by Citrix

    As more and more employees access their work on the go from multiple devices, their dependence on instant and reliable access to business applications has become increasingly critical. With email as the driving force of communications for many businesses today, reliable, fast access to Exchange is essential to ...

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  • Doing Different with Office 365

    Videos // Mar 2017 // provided by Singtel

    Develop a new competitive edge through the use of the cloud based Office 365 to boost efficiency and business performance.

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  • Doing Different with ONEOffice

    Videos // Mar 2017 // provided by Singtel

    When faced with out-dated business practices and bad bookkeeping practices, see how ONEOffice helps integrate technology into businesses to keep up with the digital age.

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  • Video: Introducing ONEOffice Solution!

    Videos // Feb 2017 // provided by Singtel

    ONEOffice is web-based office solution that enhance productivity and collaboration within your office. In this video you will learn the five Cs of running a successful business. These tips can help enhance business productivity and efficiency for your business..

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  • Video: Introducing Office 365!

    Videos // Feb 2017 // provided by Singtel

    Office 365 is your familiar Office apps hosted in the Cloud. You are no longer limited to just accessing and editing files on your computer, but working on the real time documents on your mobile devices while on the move. Find out how Office 365 can help boost business productivity ...

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  • DocuSign: Product Brochure

    White Papers // Feb 2017 // provided by Singtel

    Businesses today are challenged by managing transactions with manual paper-based products which are costly and time consuming. Since 2010, the Electronics Transaction Act recognises e-signatures under Singapore Law. Recognised as the leader in digital transaction management, DocuSign allows businesses to quickly and securely make every agreement and approval process digital, ...

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  • ERP vs Accounting: What are the main differences between SMB accounting software and an ERP system?

    White Papers // Jan 2017 // provided by Netsuite - Oracle

    As cloud-hosted, small business accounting apps have grown in scope, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between accounting software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. During growth, most companies typically realise that stringing together a set of separate apps gets very challenging regardless of the added integration capabilities ...

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  • The Small Business Growth Playbook

    White Papers // Jan 2017 // provided by Netsuite - Oracle

    More than half of all Australian businesses are expecting to grow within the next 12 months, yet less than a quarter intend to expand their operations overseas and only 5 percent have plans to launch new products or services. In other words, growth is good but if it only comes ...

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  • CA Agile Centre Datasheet (Simplified Chinese)

    White Papers // Jan 2017 // provided by CA Technologies

    In today's application economy, each business is a software business. In order to respond quickly and confidently, to deliver value faster than your competitors and to build the high quality products your customers want, therefore, you need to put agile development at the center of your business. With CA.AgileCentral, ...

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  • NetApp and Veeam Backup & Replication v9: Configuration Guide and Best Practices

    White Papers // Jan 2017 // provided by Veeam Software UK

    Deliver Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ with this configuration and best practices guide for Veeam® Backup & Replication™ v9 in a NetApp environment. Veeam v9 provides new levels of NetApp integration to orchestrate Data ONTAP, create application-consistent backups and enable fast recovery from NetApp storage snapshots. ...

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