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  • Provided By LogMeIn // Sep 2012

    LogMeIn: Instant, Anywhere Remote Support

    LogMeIn Rescue lets IT do more. With Rescue, you can quickly access, diagnose and solve IT problems anywhere, worldwide. The result: Improved productivity, higher customer satisfaction and more time for the important stuff. Stop letting legacy remote support tools get in your way of delivering great IT support to...

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    Provided By LogMeIn // Sep 2012

    LogMeIn: Smartphone and PC remote support that the pros use.

    LogMeIn Rescue provides instant access to PCs and mobile devices from anywhere in the world. LogMeIn Rescue enables IT to do more: quickly access, diagnose and solve IT problems anywhere. Remote reboot, easy-to-use screens, comprehensive reporting, multiple user sessions, and in-app Chat. Improve productivity, customer satisfaction and resolve issues...

  • Provided By Intuit // Sep 2012

    Free 30 Day Trial: Customizable Business Software with Intuit QuickBase

    Intuit QuickBase revolutionizes the way people work by enabling professionals to quickly create their own cloud-based applications and drive vastly improved team productivity. Finding a solution to meet your needs is faster than ever. Come see why over 50 of the Fortune 100 companies trust Intuit QuickBase to help their...

  • Provided By Unitrends // Sep 2012

    Free Virtual Appliance - Free VM Backup - Download for Hyper-V or VMware

    Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition: Enterprise-Class Data Protection for Every Business. Unitrends has provided next-generation enterprise-class data protection to thousands of customers. Now with Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ we are offering a software-only solution available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. Use our Free Edition to...

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Active Administrator trial download

    Discover the Power of Total Active Directory Management If you want the most powerful, flexible and full-featured Active Directory management solution on the market, you need Active Administrator. Auditing, delegating permissions, managing Group Policy, granular recovery and more - it's all there, it's powerful and it's so easy anyone...

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Security Explorer trial download

    Secure Your Windows Environment for Free Right now, someone with elevated permissions is logging into your Windows network and accessing secure resources. Should he have access at all? Quest® Security Explorer centrally manages access controls and security on Windows and SQL Servers, SharePoint, Exchange and workstations across your business....

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Secure Copy trial download

    Migrate Quickly, Easily and Securely - for Free! Migrating data between Windows-based devices? It isn't just moving information - it's copying data, permissions, shares, users and groups, and doing it securely and with little or no downtime. Are you ready for the headaches and time commitment? If not, you...

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Quest Workspace Help Desk

    Help Desk Authority provides automated ticket workflows, self-service dashboards and detailed reports to help small to mid-sized organizations quickly track, identify and resolve help desk issues.

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Quest Workspace Privilege Manager

    Centrally Manage User and Desktop Permissions Privilege Authority is an affordable Windows privilege management solution that centrally manages and applies permissions. Eliminate the pain of individually managing users and desktops - get a free trial of Privilege Authority today.

  • Provided By Dell Software // Sep 2012

    Quest Workspace Desktop Authority

    Desktop Authority helps you centrally target, configure, manage, secure and support the Windows user environment when migrating to Windows 7. Using a central console, you can quickly and efficiently configure and patch desktops, as well as detect and remove any malware.

  • Provided By Susan Harkins // Sep 2012

    10 tips for summarizing Excel data: Demo files

    These sample Excel workbooks (xls and xlsx versions) illustrate the summarizing techniques described in this 10 Things blog post.

  • Provided By Deb Shinder // Sep 2012

    Make the right deploy decision when applying Microsoft's September 2012 patches

    Deb Shinder gathers the information you need to make the right deploy decision when applying Microsoft's September 2012 patches in your organization.

  • Provided By SolarWinds // Sep 2012

    Download the Top 5 Free Tools for Network Troubleshooting & Monitoring from SolarWinds® Today!

    Make your life easier in five new ways with these great tools to help you monitor and troubleshoot network problems. All yours, all free, compliments of SolarWinds. Quickly & easily identify network bandwidth hogs with Real-Time Netflow Analyzer Monitor performance & availability for your favorite network device...

  • Provided By Bunron Chen // Aug 2012

    Information Technology Certifications from Cisco

    The vast number of Cisco exams may seem overwhelming, but the variety enables you to demonstrate your specific expertise in IT. Here's a detailed look at all the choices you have.

  • Provided By Cloudera // Aug 2012

    Cloudera Manager - Simple, Centralized CDH Deployment and Management

    Cloudera Manager is the market-leading management platform for CDH, a 100% open source and enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects. Cloudera Manager Free Edition will build and configure your single or multi-node CDH cluster and help you manage future changes to it. This software is free to use...

  • Provided By Idera // Aug 2012

    FREE TOOL - SharePoint performance monitor alerts

    Know at a glance if you're running on low disk space with this free and easy-to-use SharePoint performance monitoring tool! You can watch your performance in real-time from an easy to read graphical console. The best part is that you will receive an email alert any time an issue arises.

  • Provided By Idera // Aug 2012

    FREE TOOL - SQL check performance monitoring solution

    Get real-time performance monitoring with this free tool. With it, you can view 20+ key metrics including wait stats, reads/writes, sessions, and cache hits. You will have this alerting tool up and running in no time (and with no agents). NEW! Monitor SQL throughput including batches, compilations, recompilations, and transactions.

  • Provided By Justin James // Aug 2012

    Make the right deploy decision when applying Microsoft's August 2012 patches

    Justin James gathers the information you need to make the right deploy decision when applying Microsoft's August 2012 patches in your organization.

  • Provided By TechRepublic // Aug 2012

    10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit

    Some techs seem to get by with just a multi-tool and a smile, but the rest of us need something more substantial. Here are 12 essential items to carry with you whenever you make a desktop call.

  • Provided By SolarWinds // Aug 2012

    Get Three Top Tools to Fight Network Bandwidth Hogs - FREE!

    With SolarWinds, managing the performance and security of your network, servers, applications, websites, virtual machines and storage devices has never been easier or more affordable. To prove it - here are three solutions to things that bug you every day - yours to download absolutely free, right now. ...