Anatomy of Excel data analysis: Sorting and filtering information

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Executive Summary

Sometimes we take for granted what users know. While Microsoft Excel may be familiar to you, if you are on a help desk you will have to explain how the application works to users that fall within a vast range of skill level and knowledge. This series of Excel tutorials can make that training much simpler. This installment of the series shows you how to sort and filter data.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are an excellent way to communicate numerical and statistical information, but sometimes pure numbers can be overwhelming, especially for more general audiences. This is where formatting can help, because it can emphasize the particular bit of information you want the audience to see and focus on. This download, Part 7 of the Anatomy of Excel series, explains how to perform several sorting and filtering tasks in Excel.This download tutorial deals with Excel sorting and filtering functions, but there is so much more to learn. What aspects, functions, commands, and/or features would you like to see covered in future installments of the series?

You can get access to the entire Excel series using this link to the excel anatomy tag.

This download is also available as a TechRepublic article.

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