Assess Your Network for Vulnerabilities with Lumension Vulnerability Scanner

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Executive Summary

In today's Web 2.0 IT environment, the risks to your business systems and vital information continue to rise. Vulnerabilities across operating systems, applications and system configurations are exploited at a faster rate than ever before. And more than 90 percent of attacks exploit vulnerabilities for which a patch existed. Take the first step to quantifying your risk and enhancing your security posture with the Lumension Vulnerability Scanner. This network-based scanning utility provides comprehensive visibility into your entire network environment through in-depth scans and the automated discovery of all assets - even silent or hidden network nodes that are not currently managed by agents. By leveraging Lumension's large pre-built vulnerability and configuration repositories as well as customized vulnerability policies, you can: ? Automatically discover all devices on the network ? Scan devices for OS, application, policies, and security configuration vulnerabilities ? Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities by criticality ? Deliver actionable reports to create enforceable policies

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