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Cloud Computing in a Box

Date Added: Sep 2009
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Decades worth of technology iterations have created a type of parallel universe in the data center. There are millions of under-utilized and under-supervised systems that don't function together or act like one system at all. A smarter approach to IT is needed and the answers may very well depend on cloud computing.

In this video, learn about a new breed of built-for-purpose, workload-specific cloud computing package that provides IT executives with the capabilities required for a dynamic infrastructure:

  • Learn about the undeniable value of a self-contained solution that includes software, hardware, storage, and networking all in one package
  • Discover the simplicity of a self-service portal where users are easily able to request resources themselves and provision environments in minutes instead of weeks
  • See how automatic configuring saves you from inconsistent configurations, large backlogs and frustrated customers as well as tedious and error-prone processes