Create Active Directory users and Exchange mailboxes from a CSV file with VBScript

This VBScript will create Active Directory users and Exchange accounts from a CSV file.

Creating users and Exchange accounts can be tedious, especially when user information already resides in your company's HR system. Instead of manually creating an Active Directory user and Exchange account, you can use a script that accomplishes the same goal. This handy, VBScript will create users with passwords in Active Directory in the Users container and an Exchange account. During the process it creates an output log that provides you with three information points for each account that is created:

  • Whether or not the Active Directory user account itself was created;
  • Whether or not the password was set successfully and the account enabled;
  • Whether or not the application of Exchange attributes was successful.
If these is a failure in one of these three areas, the error number and, if available, the error description will be written to the log file along with the current date and time.

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