Easy to use, low cost multi-layered IT security from GFI Cloud – Free Trial

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Executive Summary

Hackers use multiple routes to attack; protect your business in just 10 minutes with GFI Cloud’s multi-layered IT management solution.

Web Protection

  • Quickly take control of end user web browsing.
  • Filter out unwanted URLs and block sites pushing malware.
  • Real-time protection against viruses without slowing down PCs.
  • Install & scan on the endpoint so no sensitive data leaves the network.
  • Quickly & thoroughly remove existing AV software.
Patch Management
  • Automatically detect, download & deploy missing patches.
  • Install patches for Microsoft® & key third-party applications.
On site or off site – your servers, PC’s and laptops are protected with GFI Cloud. Start your 30 day free trial now.

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