Generate your own ready-to-use Cisco 871W configuration with this handy tool

The Cisco 871W wireless router is limited in certain ways, but it offers many lessons that apply to a wide range of Cisco devices. We're launching a series of tutorials focusing on this router to help expand your knowledge of Cisco equipment.

Along with the first tutorial, "Configuring the Cisco 871W wireless router: SOHO setup," we're providing this template to make it easy to document and create CLI configuration files. To use it, you just plug in the appropriate values for a list of variables and click a button to produce the configuration output. You can then copy and paste the output to your console.

In addition to helping with initial setup, the worksheet serves as permanent documentation. Anyone with any knowledge of Cisco devices should be able to look at the output and understand what's going on, and the spreadsheet format makes the Cisco CLI more readable and understandable.

Join the discussion of the tutorial and download and share your suggestions and opinions.

Provided by: George Ou and Justin James Topic: Networking Date Added: Aug 2006 Format: Excel

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