Informatica Data Archive<br>Manage Data Growth While Controlling Costs

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Data volumes aren't just growing?they're exploding. In fact, much of the expensive hardware and software in your organization is probably clogged with it. Even worse, the majority of that data is inactive.

How do you distinguish critical business data from that which is no longer essential? And how do you archive that inactive data with complete integrity and ready access? Informatica can help.

Informatica Data Archive is designed to help IT organizations cost-effectively manage growing data volumes. With Informatica Data Archive, your IT team can easily and safely archive application data, while making sure it's still accessible. Informatica Data Archive is ideal for:

  • Improving the performance of production applications
  • Retiring legacy applications

    Supporting regulatory compliance programs Watch this demo to learn how Informatica Data Archive can:
    • Reduce hardware, storage, maintenance, and support costs by up to 50 percent
    • Boost application performance by 30 percent
    • Deliver full ROI within six months

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