Prioritize help desk requests with this call-level chart

Both large and small IT shops can benefit from using a call-level plan to improve staff productivity and user satisfaction. To help you create such a plan, we've developed this sample call level chart, which you can tailor to meet your needs.

Prioritizing support calls is a critical process for providing high-quality, efficient service, enabling help desk techs to quickly and accurately rank and route calls by their importance and the expertise required to resolve them. This chart makes the ranking easier by relying on a call-level system that determines how requests should be delegated.

Level 1 staff members can either resolve or assign a large number of issues per day, providing the quick first response that is critical to reassuring users that their concerns are being addressed. Level 2 and 3 staff can focus on their areas of expertise, while Level 1 staff members avoid spending time working on problems they're unlikely to solve.

This type of system offers many benefits. For example:

  • Directing callers to the best resource minimizes handoffs and delays.
  • Techs can review the resolution of complex issues they've promoted to a higher level and expand their skills.
  • Intake staff can watch for patterns of problems and suggest resolutions for recurring issues.
  • Higher-level staff members aren't constantly being pulled away from management responsibilities to put out lots of small fires.
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