Quantify Your Insider Risk with Lumension Device Scanner

Download Now Date Added: Jul 2008
Format: Software

In today's borderless enterprise, your data is more at risk from insiders than ever before. With removable devices like USB sticks continuing to increase in storage capacity, it has never been easier to access and transport large amounts of data and as such protecting your sensitive information has never been more important. If left unmanaged, these devices can jeopardize the security of your data through: ? Data Loss and/or Theft ? Malware Introduction With the average cost of a breach costing organizations $6.75 million, now is the time to quantify your risk of data loss or theft by discovering all removable devices that have ever been connected to your network. The Lumension Device Scanner is a free network-based scanning utility that provides you with this actionable information to help you define and enforce the appropriate security policies to protect your sensitive information - without impacting the productivity of your employees.