Seven steps to a sharper IT manager resume

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Executive Summary

Tune up your resume with the help of these simple refinements.

If a little dust has accumulated on your resume, now's the time for an update. These steps will help you revamp your resume to showcase your accomplishments in a way that will position you for a better job, a promotion, or a raise. Here's a sampling of some small changes in focus that can make a tremendous difference in how well your resume reflects your talents and capabilities:

  • Ease up on the technical details. Even though you should list your technical skills, make sure the focus is on how those skills help you manage people and technology more effectively.
  • Stress benefits, not features. Don't just say that you devised a new off-site backup strategy for the company. Point out that your off-site backup strategy reduced hardware and labor expenses by more than 50 percent, reduced downtime substantially, and increased client satisfaction 100 percent.
  • Put the bottom line on top. Translate each of your accomplishments into hours saved, money earned, and other tangible results for the company.
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