Cloud services -- whether SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS -- are the IT investment of choice in today's "do more with less" market. Get the latest thought leadership and expert guidance here.

  • Doing Different with Office 365

    Videos // Mar 2017 // provided by Singtel

    Develop a new competitive edge through the use of the cloud based Office 365 to boost efficiency and business performance.

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  • Doing Different with ONEOffice

    Videos // Mar 2017 // provided by Singtel

    When faced with out-dated business practices and bad bookkeeping practices, see how ONEOffice helps integrate technology into businesses to keep up with the digital age.

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  • Journey to Cloud-Native in 3 stages: Webinar replay in 3 chapters

    Videos // Mar 2017 // provided by dynatrace

    This webinar replay is made up of 3 chapters that outline a 3-step path to moving to cloud-native and modernizing applications. You'll get an outline of the 3 stages you'll move through, including migrating existing apps, moving your monolith apps to micro-services, and shifting to a cloud-based architecture going forward.

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  • Video: Introducing ONEOffice Solution!

    Videos // Feb 2017 // provided by Singtel

    ONEOffice is web-based office solution that enhance productivity and collaboration within your office. In this video you will learn the five Cs of running a successful business. These tips can help enhance business productivity and efficiency for your business..

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  • Video: Introducing Office 365!

    Videos // Feb 2017 // provided by Singtel

    Office 365 is your familiar Office apps hosted in the Cloud. You are no longer limited to just accessing and editing files on your computer, but working on the real time documents on your mobile devices while on the move. Find out how Office 365 can help boost business productivity ...

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  • Accelerating Data Center Modernization and Your Business: Video

    Videos // Feb 2017 // provided by HPEnterprise

    Delivering IT services in record time requires modern infrastructure. This Video offers best-practice insights for modernizing your data center, from updating core applications to big data to migrating to the cloud. HPE Compute can accelerate your business results.

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  • IDC Video: IoT: What's Hot, What's Not, & What's Next

    Videos // Dec 2016 // provided by Intel

    IDC’s Charles Reed Anderson, VP of IoT and Mobility Practice in Asia Pacific, shares his assessment on the state of IoT and his vision for its proliferation in the region. Watch this webinar to understand which technologies, solutions and strategies are driving the IoT industry in Asia Pacific and the ...

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  • IBM Cloud and VMware streamline hybrid cloud adoption

    Videos // Nov 2016 // provided by IBM

    IBM and VMware have joined forces in a strategic partnership. Together, they have streamlined hybrid cloud adoption, helping you extend your existing workloads to the cloud through full access to the native VMware stack. Manage workloads in the cloud exactly as you would on-premise. Because nothing is changing, there’s nothing ...

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  • Huber's Butchery increase revenue by 40% with SAP Business One on HANA

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by SAP

    Huber's Butchery chose SAP Business One and SAP HANA to help manage their business end-to-end and streamline ERP for continued growth and increased revenue. Watch now to gain insights that can help your business!

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  • Webinar: Hybrid Cloud - Delivering Your Right Mix

    Videos // Sep 2016 // provided by HPE

    Today's organisations must become agile or face an insurmountable challenge from disruptive new players in the market. An implementation of the "right mix" of traditional IT infrastructure, private and public cloud - a hybrid IT design, can help organisations achieve speed, innovation and growth. By implementing a hybrid cloud solution, ...

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