Cloud services -- whether SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS -- are the IT investment of choice in today's "do more with less" market. Get the latest thought leadership and expert guidance here.

  • Why Cloud? Why Not Cloud?

    Webcasts // May 2016 // provided by Interactive Intelligence

    The contact centre is at the heart of numerous government departments, and as customer expectations change rapidly, so does the need to change service delivery models. So how would the move to a cloud architecture improve the ability to deliver these changes? Interactive Intelligence alongside CIO of NSW Fire & ...

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  • Live Webcast: 5 Steps to Increase Application Quality While Accelerating Deployment Speed

    Webcasts // May 2016 // provided by IBM

    Increasing speed to market when building and deploying applications tops the priority list for any company looking to innovate, stay ahead of the competition or disrupt their industry. But how do you increase speed to market while maintaining or even improving application quality? Many organizations have to make the tough ...

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  • Anti-hacking: How to Fight Back

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by Dell Software

    Cloud, mobile, and collaboration help businesses boost growth and competitiveness, but each brings its own set of security gaps. Learn about the current threat landscape and how to build a resilient security defense system to combat evolving threats as they emerge when you view this webcast on-demand.

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  • Unlocking Silos of Data with No-Code Integration

    Webcasts // Mar 2016 // provided by QuickBase

    Are you struggling to access vital business data locked in your company's on-premises systems like ERP? In this recorded webinar, you'll discover how business professionals can easily and automatically connect to data stored in any system, on premises or in the cloud, via CSV files in the cloud to ...

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  • Hybrid Cloud Forrester webinar

    Webcasts // Nov 2015 // provided by Cisco Systems

    In today's technology landscape, IT organizations face many diverse and ever-changing challenges that require flexibility in cloud deployment. Many companies have heard of the hybrid cloud and the opportunities it can offer, but like with all technologies, businesses want to know more. This webcast aims to shed more light on ...

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  • Live HTTP/2 AMA with Google, Akamai, & CloudFlare

    Webcasts // Apr 2016 // provided by Catchpoint Systems

    HTTP/2 is here and it’s changing the web. Join the foremost experts on HTTP/2 as they field your questions (live on air) about the new protocol, its features, and its implications for how you design, deploy, and deliver your applications.

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  • Take Your App Server to the Cloud

    Webcasts // Feb 2016 // provided by IBM

    IBM Application Server on Cloud is a dedicated instance of WebSphere Application Server in the cloud with an all-in-one offering of hardware and software. Now you can drastically reduce set up time and quickly realize the value of WAS with minimal effort. Our subject matter experts, Yakura Coffee and Alex ...

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  • Revolutionizing IT with Block Chain and Cloud computing

    Webcasts // Jan 2016 // provided by IBM

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic. With more and more businesses developing intelligent devices, IoT will become an important component of business models. Yet, there is still some confusion in regards to how a business can collect, protect, and analyze all of its data to better serve ...

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  • Why Infrastructure Matters for Cloud: Accelerating your business

    Webcasts // Jan 2016 // provided by IBM

    All business is digital business. Business demands are putting ever increasing pressure on IT to increase performance and efficiencies - both at the same time. Technology is an essential prerequisite of business innovation in practically all areas of the business. Scale is required, but with tight budgets - scale is ...

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  • Harnessing Intelligence from Malware Repositories

    Webcasts // Dec 2015 // provided by

    The number of unique malware has been doubling every year for over two decades. The majority of effort in malware analysis has focused on methods for preventing malware infection. The presenters view the exponential growth of malware as an underutilized source of intelligence. Given that the number of malware authors ...

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